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A Filipino website that provides resources, support, and online courses for freelance writers in the Philippines who want to succeed in freelancing in an era of digital content .

How to start freelancing

How to get clients

How much to charge

How to market oneself

When to say "No"

and probably more...

Problems Freelance Writers Face

Hi, I'm Issa Bacsa,
owner of Isang Manunulat

I am a former registered medical technologist and nurse before becoming a creative writer in 1999. I started freelance writing in 2001 but with a few corporate employments in between. Experience has been a good teacher because it gave the tests first and the lessons afterward. 

I will help you navigate your freelance writing path by sharing with you my knowledge, my resources, and my experiences. 


Truly, the best teacher there is.

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I just messaged you to thank you for inspiring me.

- Yna Hilapo

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me the pieces of advice. Much appreciated.

- Maria Thenesse Cornelio

Thank you po. This helps a lot!

- Jury Rigos

Thank you Ms. Issa. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with a stranger trying to make it in life.

- Samantha Marie de Asis